VW Audi 2.0 Tdi EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler CBAA CBAB CBAC 03L13151B

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This EGR cooler is an excellent quality replacement for your original faulty cooler and is a direct replacement for OE part with number 03L131512B or 03L131512L.

Common causes of failure can be water jacket leakage around the cooler, cracked water pipe welds or actuator failure. This EGR cooler will cure any of these common problems.

Please match the part number provided with the egr cooler that you are replacing for a guaranteed fit. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration number. There are also some fitment guides below.

  • Supplied with 2X gaskets
  • Quality aftermarket replacement
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty
  • Quick dispatch with 1st class postage


A3 CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10
A3 CBAA 100kW 136HP 2008-10
A3 CBAB 103kW 140HP 2008-10
A3 CABRIO 2,0 CBAA 100kW 136HP 2007-10
A3 CABRIO 2,0 CBAB 103kW 140HP 2007-10
TT ROADSTER 2,0 CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10
TT COUPE 2,0 CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10

ALTEA CEGA 125kW 170HP 2006-10
LEON CEGA 125kW 170HP 2009-12
TOLEDO CEGA 125kW 170HP 2009-09

OCTAVIA CEGA 125kW 170HP 2008-08
OCTAVIA CEGA 125kW 170HP 2008-13
SUPERB CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10
YETI CEGA 125kW 170HP 2009-10
YETI CBDB 103kW 140HP 2009-09

EOS 2,0 CBAB 103kW 140HP 2008-10
GOLF PLUS 2,0 CBDC 81kW 110HP 2009-10
GOLF PLUS 2,0 CBDA 100kW 136HP 2009-09
GOLF PLUS 2,0 CBDB 103kW 140HP 2009-09
GOLF CBDC 81kW 110HP 2008-11
GOLF CBDA 100kW 136HP 2008-10
GOLF CBDB 103kW 140HP 2008-13
GOLF CBBB 125kW 170HP 2009-10
GOLF CBAA 100kW 136HP 2008-09
GOLF CBAB 103kW 140HP 2008-09
JETTA CBDA 100kW 136HP 2008-10
JETTA CEGA 125kW 170HP 2008-
JETTA CBDB 103kW 140HP 2007-
PASSAT CC CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10
PASSAT CC CBAB 103kW 140HP 2008-10
PASSAT CC CBAA 100kW 136HP 2008-11
PASSAT B6 CBDC 81kW 110HP 2008-10
PASSAT B6 CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10
PASSAT B6 CBAA 100kW 136HP 2008-10
PASSAT B6 CBAB 103kW 140HP 2007-10
SCIROCCO 2,0 CBDB 103kW 140HP 2008-10
SCIROCCO 2,0 CBBB 125kW 170HP 2009-14
TIGUAN CBAA 100kW 136HP 2007-10
TIGUAN CBAB 103kW 140HP 2011-
TIGUAN CBBB 125kW 170HP 2008-10

Outside diameter of water inlet / outlet 1 : 20mm
Inner diameter of the exhaust Connection 1 : 30mm
Outside diameter of the exhaust Connection 2 : 24mm