Turbocharger Oil Return Line Gasket – Audi VW Seat Skoda – 03L145757Q

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Turbocharger Oil Line Gasket – Diesel – Audi VW Seat Skoda – 03L145757Q

This oil gasket in most cases is found on the Turbo system on a connecting pipe between the turbocharger and the oil return line. Made from thin sheet galvanised steel this is a replacement for the original OE gasket with part number 03L145757Q. Please match this part number with your original gasket for a guaranteed fit.

Length 50.5 mm
Inner Diameter 14 mm
Width 24.5 mm
Thickness 0.35 mm

Alternitive Part Numbers:
03G145757A, 03L145757M. 03L145757Q, MN980391, MN980444,

Will fit a range of diesel engines found across the VAG range from 2003 to 2018. Please double check your part number against the one provided for a guaranteed fit. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number. Our manufacturer compatibilities are a guide only.

  • Brand: Topran Hans Pries – Germany
  • 12 month warranty as standard
  • Free 1st class postage
  • Same day dispatch on orders before 2pm (Mon-Fri)

Found in: (Please take care when following this compatibility. If you need to find out your engine code we can do this for you)

A1 8X [2010-2018] Engine Codes: CAYB, CAYC, CFHB, CFHD,
A3 8P [2008-2013] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BMN, BUY, CBAA, CBAB, CBBB, CFFA, CFFB, CLJA,
A4 B8 [2008-2015] Engine Codes: CJCB,
Q3 8U [2011-2018] Engine Codes: CFFA, CFFB, CLJA,
Q5 8R [2008-2017] Engine Codes: CGLA, CGLB, CJCA, CJCB, CMGA,
TT MK2 8J [2006-2014] Engine Codes: CBBB,

Arteon 3H7 [2017-2020] Engine Codes: CUAA, DJHC,
Beetle 5C [2011-2019] Engine Codes: CFFB, CJAA,
Caddy 2K [2004-2010] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BSU,
Caddy 2C [2010-2015] Engine Codes: CFHC, CFHE, CFHF, CLCA, CLCB,
Caddy SA [2015-2020] Engine Codes: CFHC, CFHF, CLCA, CLCB,
CC 358 [2011-2016] Engine Codes: CFFA, CFFB,
EOS 1F [2006-2015] Engine Codes: CBAB, CFFA, CFFB,
Golf MK5 [2004-2009] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BMN, BXJ,
Golf MK6 [2009-2013] Engine Codes: CBAA, CBAB, CBBB, CBDC, CFFA, CFFB, CJAA, CLCA,
Golf Plus [2005-2014] Engine Codes: CBDA, CBDB, CBDC, CFHB, CFHC, CLCA, BLS, BMM, BXJ,
Jetta MK6 162 163 [2010-2017] Engine Codes: CFFB, CFHC, CJAA, CLCA, CLCB,
Polo 6R [2009-2017] Engine Codes: CAYA, CAYB, CAYC, CLNA,
Passat B6 3C [2005-2010] Engine Codes: BLS, BMP, BMR, BUZ, CBAA, CBAB, CBAC, CBBB, CBDC,
Passat B7 365 362 [2010-2015] Engine Codes: CFFA, CFFB,
Passat 3G [2014-2020] Engine Codes: CUAA,
Passat CC 357 [2008-2012] Engine Codes: CBAA, CBAB, CBAC, CBBB, CFFA, CFFB,
Scirocco 137 138 [2008-2017] Engine Codes: CBBB, CBDB,
Sharan 7N [2010-2016] Engine Codes: CFFA, CFFB, CFFE,
Tiguan 5N [2007-2019] Engine Codes: CBAA, CBAB, CBBA, CBBB, CFFA, CFFB, CFFD, CLJA,
Tiguan AD1 [2016-2020] Engine Codes: CUAA,
Touran 1T [2006-2015] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BMN, BXJ, CFHC, CFHF,

Alhambra 710 711 [2010-2020] Engine Codes: CFFA, CFFB, CFFE,
Altea 5P [2004-2015] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BMN, CEGA, CFHC, CFJA,
Cordoba 6L [2002-2009] Engine Codes: BMS, BMT,
Ibiza 6L [2001-2009] Engine Codes: BMS, BMT,
Ibiza 6J 6P [2008-2016] Engine Codes: CAYB, CAYC, CFHD, CLNA,
Leon 1P [2005-2012] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BMN, CEGA, CFHC, CLCB,
Toledo 5P [2004-2009] Engine Codes: BLS, BMM, BMN, CEGA,
Toledo KG3 [2012-2020] Engine Codes: CAYB, CAYC, CLNA, CLCA,

Rapid NK NH [2014-Onwards] Engine Codes: CAYB, CAYC, CLNA,
Superb 3T [2008-2015] Engine Codes: CFFB, CLJA,
Yeti 5L 67 [2009-2017] Engine Codes: CBDB, CEGA, CFHA, CFHC, CFHF, CLCA, CLCB,



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