Audi rear caliper repair kit
Rear Brake Caliper Piston Gasket Repair Kit – VW Seat Skoda – 8D0698671

£10.99 inc.VAT

£10.99 inc.VAT

In stock

Rear Brake Caliper Piston Gasket Repair Kit – VW Seat Skoda – 8D0698671

£10.99 inc.VAT

In stock

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Rear Brake Caliper Piston Gasket Repair Kit – VW Seat Skoda – 8D0698671

This caliper repair set is found in a number of VW Audi group models. Compatible with the rear calipers from TRW and Girling brands only, this kit is used to replace the piston gasket the caliper carrier pin gasket and has a replacement bleed nipple cover. Made from high quality rubber and manufactured in Germany with perfect sizing creating easy fitment.

Please note that this kit is only compatible with the Lucas Girling and TRW calipers.

  • Brand – Topran Hans Pries Germany
  • Supplied with a 12 month manufacturers warranty
  • Same day dispatch up to 2pm (Mon-Friday only)
  • Free 1st class postage

We recommend that all parts be fitted by a qualified vehicle technician.

Included in pack:
3X Piston Gasket
2X Piston Seals
2X Guide pin bushes
1X Nipple Cover

Will fit to rear calipers we have listed for the below vehicles, however compatibilities are a guide only and part numbers must be matched where applicable. Please contact us if you are unsure about fitment with your vehicle registration or VIN / Chassis number.


Brake Caliper Part Number(s): 2Q0615423C/D, 2Q0615424C/D, 8D0615423, 8D0615424, 8E0615423/A, 8E0615424/A, 4A0615423, 4A0615424, 1J0615423G/H, 1J0615424G/H, 1K0615423N/J, 1K0615424N/J,
Caliper Manufacturers: Lucas Girling, TRW Only.

We have included a list below of compatible vehicles along with fitting positions and PR codes (PR codes can be found in the owners manual or on the vehicle identification sticker often found under the boot carpet)

Beetle 1C, 1Y, 9C [1998-2010] PR Codes: 1KS, 1KV
Bora 1J [1998-2005] PR Codes: 1KY
Caddy 2K [2004-2010] PR Codes: 1ZF
Caddy 2C [2010-2015] PR Codes: 1ZF, 2E2
EOS 1F [2006-2015] PR Codes: 1KD
Golf MK3 [1991-2002] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KK
Golf MK4 [1998-2005] PR Codes: 1KK, 1KS, 1KV, 1KY, E54
Golf MK6 [2009-2013] PR Codes: 1KD
Golf Plus 521 [2009-2013] PR Codes: 1KD
Jetta 1H [1992-1999] PR Codes: 1KK
Polo 9N [2003-2009] PR Codes: 1KK, 1KT
Polo 6R [2009-2020]
Polo AW [2017-2020]
Passat B5 / B5.5 [1997-2005] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KE, 1KF
Passat B6 3C [2005-2010] PR Codes: 1KU
Passat CC 357 [2008-2012] PR Codes: 1KU
Scirocco 137 138 [2008-2017] PR Codes: 1KD
Sharan 7M [1995-2010]
Transporter T4 [1990-2003]
Vento 1H [1995-1996] PR Codes: 1KK

Alhambra 7V [2000-2010]
Altea 5P [2004-2010] PR Codes: 1KD
Altea XL 5P [2004-2020] PR Codes: 1KS
Arona KJ [2017-On] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KV
Cordoba 6K [1998-2002] PR Codes: 1KK
Exeo 3R [2008-2013] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KP
Ibiza 6L [2001-2009] PR Codes: 1KK, 1KP, 1KT
Ibiza 6J 6P [2008-2020] PR Codes: 1KK, 1KT, 1KV
Ibiza KJ [2017-2020] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KV
Leon 1M [1999-2006] PR Codes: 1KY, 1KK, 2EE
Leon 1P [2005-2012] PR Codes: 1KD
Leon 5F [2012-2020] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KS
Toledo 1L [1991-1999] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KK
Toledo 1M [1998-2006] PR Codes: 1KY, 1KK
Toledo 5P [2004-2009] PR Codes: 1KD
Toledo KG3 [2012-2020] PR Codes: 1KT

Fabia 6Y [1998-2008] PR Codes: 1KK, 1KP
Fabia [2006-2014] PR Codes: 1KK, 1KT, 1KV
Octavia 1Z [2004-2013] PR Codes: 1KD
Octavia 5E [2012-2020] PR Codes: 1KD, 1KS, 1KT
Rapid NK NH [2014-Onwards]
Roomster 5J [2006-2015]
Superb 3U [2001-2008] PR Codes: 1KD
Yeti 5L 67 [2009-2017] PR Codes: 1KD

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