Power Steering Vane Pump – VW Passat B5 Audi A4 B5 1.6 1.8T 1.9 TDI – 8D0145145L

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Power Steering Vane Pump – VW Passat B5 Audi A4 B5 1.6 1.8T 1.9 TDI – 8D0145145L

Mainly found in the Audi A4 B5, VW Passat B5 and Skoda Superb from 1998 to 2005 this hydraulic power steering pump is a direct replacement for OE part with number 8D0145145L. There are a number of interchangeable part numbers that this pump can replace. All of which are listed in the details at the bottom of this page. Please match any of these part numbers to the pump that you are replacing.

  • Pump Type : Vane Pump
  • Operating Pressure : 120 bar
  • Bolt Hole Dimeter : 50 mm
  • Quality aftermarket replacement
  • Same day dispatch on orders placed before 2pm (Weekdays only)
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Quick dispatch with 1st class postage

A4 B5 / B6 [1996-2004]
1.6 Petrol – (100HP 74KW), (102HP 75KW)
1.8 Petrol – (115HP 85KW), (125HP 92KW)
1.8T Petrol – (150HP 110KW), (180HP 132KW)
1.9TDI – (75HP 55KW), (90HP 66KW), (101HP 74KW), (110HP 81KW), (130HP 96KW)

Superb 3U4 [2001-2008]
1.8T Petrol – (150HP 110KW)
2.0 Petrol – (115HP 85KW)
1.9TDI – (105HP 77KW), (101HP 74KW), (130HP 96KW)
2.0TDI – (140HP 103KW)

PASSAT B5 / B5.5 [1996-2005]
1.6 Petrol – (101HP 74KW), (102HP 75KW)
1.8 Petrol – (125HP 92KW)
1.8T Petrol – (150HP 110KW), (170HP 125KW)
2.0 Petrol – (115HP 85KW), (120HP 88KW), (130HP 96KW)
2.3 VR5 Petrol – (150HP 110KW)
1.9TDI – (90HP 66KW), (110HP 81KW), (115HP 85KW), (130HP 96KW)

Also interchangeable with any of the following part numbers:
AUDI: 8D0145155, 8D0145156KX, 8D0145156KV, 8D0145145L, 8D0145155Q, 8D0145155QX, 8D0145155X, 8D0145156K, 8D0145156L, 8D0145156LT, 8D0145156T, 8D0145156TX, 8D0145177D.
VW: 8D0145156KV, 8D0145156KX, 058145255E