Lower Engine / Gearbox Dog Bone Mount – VW Audi Seat Skoda – 1J0199851AA

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Topran Hans Pries

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Lower Engine / Gearbox Dog Bone Mount – VW Audi Seat Skoda – 1J0199851AA

This gearbox mount is found in a variety of Volkswagen Audi group models from 1996 to 2010 and is a direct replacement for the original OE dog bone mount with part number 1J0199851AA. Please match the part number for a guaranteed fit. Will also replace the following part numbers:


Please see the fitment guide below. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number.

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Engine Codes

1.4 Petrol [75BHP 55KW] Engine Code(s): AHW, AKQ, APE, AXP, BCA,

1.6 Petrol [75BHP 55KW] Engine Code(s): AEE,
1.6 Petrol [101BHP 74KW] Engine Code(s): AEH, AKL, APF, AWH,
1.6 Petrol [102BHP 75KW] Engine Code(s): AVU, AYD, BFQ, BFS,
1.6 Petrol [105BHP 77KW] Engine Code(s): ATN, AZD, BCB,
1.6 Petrol [110BHP 81KW] Engine Code(s): BAD,

1.8 Petrol [125BHP 92KW] Engine Code(s): AGN, APG,
1.8 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): AGU, APH, AQA, ARX, ARZ, AUM, AVC, AWU, AWV, BKF,
1.8 Petrol [179BHP 132KW] Engine Code(s): AJQ, APP, ARY, AUQ, AWP, BNU,
1.8 Petrol [209BHP 154KW] Engine Code(s): AMK,
1.8 Petrol [225BHP 165KW] Engine Code(s): APX, BAM,

1.9 Diesel [68BHP 50KW] Engine Code(s): AQM,
1.9 Diesel [101BHP 74KW] Engine Code(s): AXR,

2.0 Petrol [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): AEG, APK, AQY, AVH, AZG, AZH, AZJ, BEH, BEJ, BER, BEV, BHP, CBPA,

2.3 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): AGZ,
2.3 Petrol [170BHP 125KW] Engine Code(s): AQN.

Found in:

A3 8L [1997-2003]
TT MK1 8N [1998-2006]

Beetle 1C, 1Y, 9C [1998-2010]
Bora 1J [1998-2005]
Golf MK4 [1998-2005]

Leon 1M [1999-2006]
Toledo 1M [1998-2006]

Octavia 1U [1998-2010]