Liqui Moly Radiator Stop Leak 150ml Small Leak Repair & Preventative Protection

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Liqui Moly Radiator Stop Leak 150ml Small Leak Repair & Preventative Protection

About Liqui Moly
Liqui Moly is second to none when it comes to premium oils and additives. As a VW Audi / BMW parts specialist JGP recommend Liqui Moly as the only viable choice when it comes to internal engine care.

Product Information
Liqui Moly Radiator Stop Leak is suitable for all heating systems in water cooled engines. This 150ml can is suitable for use with up to 10L of coolant, both blue and red conventional coolant and is also suitable for use with other radiator additives.

This radiator stop leak dispersion is specially designed to seal small hard to find leaks in the cooling circuit of water cooled engines. It will seal hairline and small cracks reliably without effecting the performance of the radiator. It can be used preventively as protection thereafter for piece of mind after a fix is done.

Key information
150ml can suitable for up to 10L of coolant (dosage 1:66)
Suitable for aluminium or plastic radiators
Can be used with coolant systems with water filters present
Shake well before use
Add contents to a cold cooling system
Start the vehicle, and drive for approximately 10 minutes.
Dry the area of previous water leak and check.
Videos available on the Liqui Moly website for more on how to use.

  • Supplied by JGP Automotive – Preston
  • Brand – Liqui Moly – Germany
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Suitable for:
All modern coolant types (Blue and red)