Liqui Moly Ceratec Engine & Gearbox Ceramic Protection Additive – 300ml Ceratec

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Liqui Moly Ceratec Engine & Gearbox Ceramic Protection – 300ml

Product Information
Liqui Moly Ceratec wear protection reduces friction which in turn minimises wear using a specially formulated ceramic compound offering high chemical and thermal resistance. The ceramic solution works as a barrier sticking to components between metal-to-metal contact, that will then increase the engine or moving assembly life. Liqui Moly Ceratec is also proven to reduce fuel consumption in petrol and diesel engines thanks to the low-friction effect. Ceratec is compatible in use with all commercially available motor oils and motor vehicle gear oils.

About Liqui Moly
Liqui Moly is second to none when it comes to premium oils and additives. As a VW Audi / BMW parts specialist JGP recommend Liqui Moly as the only viable choice when it comes to car care. Liqui Moly are now the No1 brand oil & lubricant supplier in Germany, out selling even Castrol with 61% of the market.

This 300ml plastic bottle should be diluted via a full fresh motor oil change upon service with up to 5L of engine oil. The effects will last up to 30,000 miles (50,000km) or until the next service interval. Ceratec can also be used in gearboxes, pumps and compressors with ratios adjusted accordingly.

Key information
Bottle size: 300ml
Specifically for use with toothed belts running in oil.
Not for vehicles with a wet clutch system. (Mainly in Motorbike applications)
Shake well before use.

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Suitable for:
All motor vehicles with a dry clutch system

If you require any assistance with how to use this product or any of our other Liqui Moly products do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by email or by telephone on 01772 628383. You can also visit the official Liqui Moly site for further product information here.

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