1 X Ignition Pencil Coil Pack – BMW Petrol – X1 X3 X4 X5 X6 Z3 Z4 – 12131712219

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Topran Hans Pries

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1 X Ignition Pencil Coil Pack – Petrol – BMW – X1 X3 X4 X5 X6 Z3 Z4 Series – 12131712219

These Topran Hans Pries coil packs are a very good aftermarket replacement option made to exacting OE standards and sourced direct from Germany. Will fit many models and petrol engines across the BMW range from 1998 onwards however not all so please be careful when choosing the correct coil pack. We recommend that all packs should be changed simultaneously and no mixed manufacturer coil pack should be installed. For a guaranteed fitment please match part number 12131712219 or contact us if you are unsure with your registration or chassis number and we will be happy to help.

  • Brand: Topran Hans Pries – Germany
  • Supplied brand new and boxed
  • 12 month manufacturers replacement warranty
  • Same day dispatch up to 2pm (Mon-Friday only)
  • Free 1st class postage

For guaranteed fitment please match any of the part numbers below with the part number located on the plug of your original coil packs:


Please see the fitment guide below. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number.

Fits / Found in:


X Series
X1 E84 [2008-2015]

X3 E83 [2003-2010]
X3 F25 [2009-2017]

X4 F26 [2013-2018]

X5 E53 [1999-2006]
X5 E70 [2006-2012]

X6 E71 [2007-2014]

Z Series
Z3 E36 Coupe [1997-2002]
Z3 E36 Roadster [1994-2002]
Z4 E85 [2002-2008]
Z4 E86 [2005-2008]
Z4 E89 [2008-2016]

For Engines: Only in the below engines

1.6 Petrol [143BHP 105KW] Models: X1,
1.6 Petrol [170BHP 125KW] Models: X3,

2.0 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Models: X3, Z4,
2.0 Petrol [156BHP 115KW] Models: Z4,
2.0 Petrol [184BHP 135KW] Models: X1, X3, X4, Z4,
2.0 Petrol [245BHP 180KW] Models: X1, X3, X4, Z4,

2.2 Petrol [170BHP 125KW] Models: Z4,

2.5 Petrol [177BHP 130KW] Models: Z4,
2.5 Petrol [192BHP 141KW] Models: X3, Z4,
2.5 Petrol [204BHP 150KW] Models: Z4,
2.5 Petrol [218BHP 160KW] Models: X1, X3, Z4,

3.0 Petrol [231BHP 170KW] Models: X3, X5, Z4,
3.0 Petrol [258BHP 190KW] Models: X1, X3, Z4,
3.0 Petrol [265BHP 195KW] Models: Z4,
3.0 Petrol [272BHP 200KW] Models: X3, X5,
3.0 Petrol [286BHP 210KW] Models: X6,
3.0 Petrol [306BHP 225KW] Models: X3, X4, X5, X6, Z4,
3.0 Petrol [340BHP 250KW] Models: Z4,

3.2 Petrol [343BHP 252KW] Models: Z3, Z4,

4.4 Petrol [320BHP 235KW] Models: X5,
4.4 Petrol [408BHP 300KW] Models: X5, X6,
4.4 Petrol [555BHP 408KW] Models: X5, X6,

4.8 Petrol [355BHP 261KW] Models: X5,
4.8 Petrol [360BHP 265KW] Models: X5,



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