Heater Radiator Coolant Change-Over Control Valve – VW Audi Seat – 1T0820036D

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Topran Hans Pries

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Heater Radiator Coolant Change-Over Control Valve – VW Audi Seat – 1T0820036D

This is a direct replacement for the original OE Control Valve with part number 1T0820036D. Compatibilities are a guide only – Please match this part number with your original water flange for a guaranteed fit.

Will fit a range of 1.4 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.0 and 3.2 Diesel and Petrol engines found across the VAG range from 2006-Onwards.

Please see the fitment guide below. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number.

  • Brand: Topran Hans Pries – Germany
  • Supplied brand new and boxed
  • 12 month warranty as standard
  • Free 1st class postage
  • Same day dispatch on orders before 2pm (Mon-Fri)

Fits the following vehicles with specific engine codes:

Amorok 2HA 2HB [2009-Onwards]
Caddy 2KA 2KB [2004-2010]
Crafter SY SZ [2017-Onwards]
Golf (MK7) 5G1 BQ1 BA5 BV5 [2012-Onwards]
Passat 3G2 3G5 [2014-Onwards]
Sharan 7N1 7N2 [2010-Onwards]
T5 / T6 7F SG [2009-Onwards]
Touran 1T1 1T2 1T3 5T1 [2003-Onwards]
Touareg 7L6 7LA 7P5 7P6 [2002-2018]

A3 8V1 8VS 8VA [2012-Onwards]
Q5 8RB [2008-2017]
Q7 4LB [2006-2014]

Alhambra 710 711 [2010-Onwards]

Cayenne 9P3 9P6 9P7 9PA [2002-2010]

Macan 95 [2014-Onwards]

Engine Codes:

1.4 Hybrid [150HP-110KW] CUKB
1.4 Hybrid [156HP-115KW] CUKC

1.4 Petrol [150HP-110KW] CZDA

1.6 Diesel [90HP-66KW] CAYB
1.6 Diesel [105HP-77KW] CAYC
1.6 Diesel [110HP-81KW] CRKB
1.6 Diesel [116HP-85KW] DGDA

1.9 Diesel [105HP-77KW] BJB, BKC, BXE
1.9 Diesel [101HP-74KW] AVQ
1.9 Diesel [90HP-66KW] BRU, BXF

2.0 Hybrid [211HP-155KW] CHJA,

2.0 Petrol [211HP-155KW] CEAB, CDNC, CPMA,
2.0 Petrol [179HP-132KW] CDNB, CNCB
2.0 Petrol [224HP-165KW] CNCD
2.0 Petrol [230HP-169KW] CNCE
2.0 Petrol [220HP-162KW] CPMB, DEDA,
2.0 Petrol [160HP-118KW] CFPA
2.0 Petrol [116HP-85KW] AXA
2.0 Petrol [204HP-150KW] CJKA
2.0 Petrol [150HP-110KW] CJKB

2.0 Diesel [143HP-105KW] CAGA, CJCA,
2.0 Diesel [136HP-100KW] CAGB, CJCB, CSUB, CAAE, CCHB, AZV,
2.0 Diesel [170HP-125KW] CAHA, CGLB, CMGA, CFJA,
2.0 Diesel [163HP-120KW] CAHB, CGLA, CGLD, CNHC, CDCA,
2.0 Diesel [116HP-85KW] CUVA, DFLD,
2.0 Diesel [190HP-140KW] CNHA, DFHA,
2.0 Diesel [150HP-110KW] CJCD, CSUA, CUVC, DFLA, CXFA, CXHA, DFEA,
2.0 Diesel [177HP-130KW] CGLC, CMGB, DAVA, DAWA, CFJB,
2.0 Diesel [184HP-135KW] CUWA, DFMA,
2.0 Diesel [122HP-90KW] CDBA, CNFA, DASA,
2.0 Diesel [140HP-103KW] CNFB, DASB, DAUA, CAAC, CCHA, BKD, CFHC,
2.0 Diesel [102HP-75KW] DAUB, CAAB, CXGB,
2.0 Diesel [109HP-80KW] DASC,
2.0 Diesel [84HP-62KW] CAAA, CXGA,
2.0 Diesel [114HP-84KW] CAAD
2.0 Diesel [179HP-132KW] CNEA, CSHA, CFCA,
2.0 Diesel [204HP-150KW] CXEB
2.0 Diesel [110HP-81KW] CFHF, CLCA, CRVA, CYKB,

2.5 Diesel [163HP-120KW] BPD, BLK,
2.5 Diesel [174HP-128KW] BPE, BAC,

3.0 Diesel [163HP-120KW] CAHB
3.0 Diesel [239HP-176KW] CCWA, CPNB, CASA, CCMA, CJGA, CNRB, MCN.RB, MO5.9D, CASC,
3.0 Diesel [211HP-165KW] CCWB, CASB, MCR.CB, MCV.VC, MCT.BB, BUN,
3.0 Diesel [245HP-180KW] CDUD, CJGD, CLZB, CRCA, MCR.CA, MCD.UD,
3.0 Diesel [313HP-230KW] CCQB, CVUC
3.0 Diesel [258HP-190KW] CTBA, MCT.BA, DDXE,
3.0 Diesel [250HP-184KW] CTBC, MCV.V8, MCT.BC,
3.0 Diesel [326HP-240KW] CVUB,
3.0 Diesel [340HP-250KW] DEHA,
3.0 Diesel [204HP-150KW] CJMA, DDXB, CASD, CRCD,CVWA.
3.0 Diesel [262HP-193KW] CVVA, MCV.VA,

3.0 Petrol [272HP-200KW] CTUC, CTVA, CJTC,
3.0 Petrol [354HP-260KW] CTUD, CTXA,
3.0 Petrol [333HP-245KW] CJWB, CTWA, MCJ.TB,
3.0 Petrol [280HP-206KW] CJWE, CTWB,
3.0 Petrol [340HP-250KW] MCT.MA
3.0 Petrol [360HP-265KW] MDC.NA,
3.0 Petrol [290HP-213KW] CJTA,
3.0 Petrol [320HP-235KW] CYJA,

3.0 Hybrid [333HP-245KW] M06.EC, MCG.EA, MCG.FA, CGEA, CGFA.
3.0 Hybrid [218HP-160KW] CZZA, CZZB.

3.2 Petrol [271HP-199KW] CALB,
3.2 Petrol [250HP-184KW] MO2.2Y,
3.2 Petrol [220HP-162KW] BMV, BMX, BRJ,