Heat Resistant Sleeving – Anti Abrasive Wiring / Hose Sheathing

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Heat Resistant Sleeving – Anti Abrasive Wiring / Hose Sheathing

Exile Motorsport high heat resistant sleeving braided e-glass sheathing is an expandable, close weave sleeving produced from braided E glass yarn. The special braid construction permits the sleeving bore to be expanded up to 300% and a particular feature is it’s retention of roundness unlike many other products on the market.

Exile Motorsport e-glass sleeving will operate at temperatures within the range of -20°C to 220°C. It’s high heat resistant properties and excellent resistance to damage by mechanical abrasion and repeated flexing making it ideal for in and around the hot parts of the engine bay hose and wiring loom protection.

Typical applications:
• Cable management
• Wiring looms
• Hydraulics hoses
• Tubing and wiringharnesses.

• Flexible / expandable
• High heat resistance
• Easy installation

Available Sizes      Maximum Expanded Bore (mm)
2mm                            6mm
3mm                            9mm
6mm                            18mm
8mm                            25mm
10mm                          30mm
15mm                          38mm
20mm                         50mm

Technical Data:
• Resistance to abrasion
• Range 2 – 50mm
• Operational temperature -20°C to 220 °C
• Maximum temperature 450°C
• 500v electrical strength (@ 20°C not expanded)
• Hot splash resistant
• Available in black or natural

We also stock a lower heat resistance grade sleeving designed mainly for the purpose of anti-abrasion which is available here.


10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm


100m, 10m, 1m, 2m, 5m


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