Gearbox Manual Transmission Rubber Mount – Audi A4 A6 / VW Passat – 8D0399151H

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Topran Hans Pries

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Gearbox Manual Transmission Rubber Mount – Audi A4 A6 / VW Passat – 8D0399151H

Our Topran engine suspension mounts are a top quality OE replacement part and are designed to be a direct replacement for the original OE transmission mount with part number 8D0399151H. Mainly found in Audi A4 and A6, VW Passat models from approximately 1994 to 2005.

For manual gearboxes only!

Please remember that fitment depends on what gearbox type is in the car therefore the below compatibilities are a guide only. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number. Please match the part numbers given for each part for a guaranteed fit.

  • Brand: Topran Hans Pries – Germany
  • Supplied brand new
  • 12 month warranty as standard
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  • Same day dispatch on orders before 2pm (Mon-Fri)

Fits: (With specific engine code)

A4 B5 8D [1994-2000] Engine Code(s): 1Z, ADP, ADR, AEB, AFF, AFN, AFY, AHH, AHL, AHU, AJL, AJM, ALZ, ANA, ANB, APT, APU, ARG, ARK, ARM, ATJ, AVG, AVV, AWT,

A6 C5 4B [1997-2005] Engine Code(s): AEB, AFY, AJP, ALT, ANB, APU, AQE, ARH, ARK, AWT,

Passat B5 / B5.5 [1997-2005] Engine Code(s): ADP, ADR, AEB, AFN, AFY, AGZ, AHH, AHL, AHU, ANA, ANB, APT, APU, ARG, ARM, ASU, AUZ, AVA, AVB, AVG, ALT, ALZ, AVF, AWT, AWX, AZM AZX,

Superb 3U [2001-2008] Engine Code(s): AVB, AWT, AWX, AZM,

Engine Codes and Size Guide:
1.6 Petrol [101BHP 74KW] Engine Code(s): ADP, AHL, ANA, ARM,
1.6 Petrol [102BHP 75KW] Engine Code(s): ALZ,

1.8 Petrol [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): AFY,
1.8 Petrol [125BHP 92KW] Engine Code(s): ADR, AJP, APT, AQE, ARG, ARH, AVV,
1.8 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): AEB, ANB, APU, ARK, AWT,
1.8 Petrol [179BHP 132KW] Engine Code(s): AJL,

1.9 Diesel [75BHP 55KW] Engine Code(s): AFF,
1.9 Diesel [90BHP 66KW] Engine Code(s): 1Z, AHH, AHU,
1.9 Diesel [101BHP 74KW] Engine Code(s): AVB,
1.9 Diesel [110BHP 81KW] Engine Code(s): AFN, AVG,
1.9 Diesel [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): AJM, ATJ,
1.9 Diesel [131BHP 96KW] Engine Code(s): AVF, AWX,

2.0 Petrol [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): AZM,
2.0 Petrol [120BHP 88KW] Engine Code(s): ASU, AUZ, AVA,
2.0 Petrol [131BHP 96KW] Engine Code(s): ALT,

2.3 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): AGZ,
2.3 Petrol [170BHP 125KW] Engine Code(s): AZX,