Gearbox Main Drive Shaft Oil Seal – Audi VW Seat Skoda – 02M311113A – 28 x 42 x7

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Topran Hans Pries

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Gearbox Main Drive Shaft Oil Seal – Audi VW Seat Skoda – 02M311113A

Our top quality German imported Oil Seals are an OE quality replacement part for the original differential seal 02M311113A. These seals are found in many VAG models from 1998 to 2018 with varying engine codes so please be careful when choosing the fitment. They fit mainly the centre gearbox for the main drive or sometimes on the clutch plate for 6 speed manual gearboxes.

Inner Diameter: 28.3mm
Outer Diameter: 42.3mm
Height: 7mm

Please see the fitment guide below. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration number. Compatibilities are a guide only.

  • Brand: Topran Hans Pries – Germany
  • 12 month warranty as standard
  • Free 1st class postage
  • Same day dispatch on orders before 2pm (Mon-Fri)


Engine Codes and Sizes:

1.4 Petrol [122BHP 90KW] Engine Code(s): CAXA,
1.4 Petrol [125BHP 92KW] Engine Code(s): CZCA,
1.4 Petrol [140BHP 103KW] Engine Code(s): CPTA,
1.4 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): CAVA, CTHA, CZDA, CZEA,
1.4 Petrol [160BHP 118KW] Engine Code(s): CAVD, CTHD,

1.6 Diesel [105BHP 77KW] Engine Code(s): CLHA,
1.6 Diesel [110BHP 81KW] Engine Code(s): CRKB,
1.6 Diesel [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): DGDB,

1.8 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): AGU, AJH, AQA, ARX, AWC,
1.8 Petrol [152BHP 112KW] Engine Code(s): CDAB,
1.8 Petrol [160BHP 118KW] Engine Code(s): CDAA,
1.8 Petrol [179BHP 132KW] Engine Code(s): AJQ, APP, ARY, AUQ, AWP, BNU,
1.8 Petrol [190BHP 140KW] Engine Code(s): BVR,
1.8 Petrol [209BHP 154KW] Engine Code(s): AMK, APY,
1.8 Petrol [225BHP 165KW] Engine Code(s): APX, BAM,

1.9 Diesel [90BHP 66KW] Engine Code(s): 1Z, AHU, ANU,
1.9 Diesel [101BHP 74KW] Engine Code(s): ATD,
1.9 Diesel [105BHP 77KW] Engine Code(s): BKC, BXE,
1.9 Diesel [110BHP 81KW] Engine Code(s): AFN,
1.9 Diesel [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): AJM, AUY, BVK,
1.9 Diesel [131BHP 96KW] Engine Code(s): ASZ, BLT,
1.9 Diesel [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): ARL, BTB,

2.0 Diesel [84BHP 62KW] Engine Code(s): CFHE,
2.0 Diesel [110BHP 81KW] Engine Code(s): AFN, CFFD, CFHF, CYKC,
2.0 Diesel [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): CFFE, DFGC,
2.0 Diesel [120BHP 88KW] Engine Code(s): CUVD,
2.0 Diesel [136BHP 100KW] Engine Code(s): AZV, BVH, CBAA, CBDA, CFFA, CFHB,
2.0 Diesel [140BHP 103KW] Engine Code(s): BKD, BMM, BRT, CBAB, CBDB, CFFB, CFHC, CJAA, CLCB, CLJA,
2.0 Diesel [143BHP 105KW] Engine Code(s): CBAC, CFHD, CRFD,
2.0 Diesel [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): CRBC, CRLB, CUVC, DBGA, DBGC, DFGA,
2.0 Diesel [163BHP 120KW] Engine Code(s): BUY,
2.0 Diesel [170BHP 125KW] Engine Code(s): BMN, CBBB, CEGA, CFGB, CFJA, CLLA,
2.0 Diesel [177BHP 130KW] Engine Code(s): CFGC, CRGB,
2.0 Diesel [190BHP 140KW] Engine Code(s): DFHA,
2.0 Diesel [239BHP 176KW] Engine Code(s): CUAA,

2.0 Petrol [116BHP 85KW] Engine Code(s): ADY, ATM,
2.0 Petrol [170BHP 125KW] Engine Code(s): CAWA,
2.0 Petrol [179BHP 132KW] Engine Code(s): CZPA,
2.0 Petrol [200BHP 147KW] Engine Code(s): AXX, BPY, BWA, CAWB, CBFA, CCTA, CCZA,
2.0 Petrol [211BHP 155KW] Engine Code(s): CCZB, CPLA, CPPA,
2.0 Petrol [220BHP 162KW] Engine Code(s): CHHB,
2.0 Petrol [230BHP 169KW] Engine Code(s): BYD,
2.0 Petrol [235BHP 173KW] Engine Code(s): CDLG,
2.0 Petrol [241BHP 177KW] Engine Code(s): BWJ, CDLD,
2.0 Petrol [256BHP 188KW] Engine Code(s): CDLC,
2.0 Petrol [265BHP 195KW] Engine Code(s): CDLA,
2.0 Petrol [271BHP 199KW] Engine Code(s): CDLF,

2.3 Petrol [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): AGZ,
2.3 Petrol [170BHP 125KW] Engine Code(s): AQN,

2.8 Petrol [204BHP 150KW] Engine Code(s): AQP, AUE, AYL, BDE,

For Vehicles / Model (Manual Transmission, 6 Speed only)
A1 8X [2010-2018] Engine Codes: CFHB, CFHD, CPTA,
A3 8L [1997-2003] Engine Codes: AGU, AJQ, AMK, APY, AQA, ARX, ARY, ASZ, BAM,
A3 8P [2003-2013] Engine Codes: AXX, AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BPY, BUY, BWA, CAWB, CBAA, CBAB, CBBB, CCZA, CFFB, CFGB,
Q3 8U 8U [2011-2018] Engine Codes: CLJA, CUVC, CUVD, CZDA,
TT MK1 8N [1998-2006] Engine Codes: AJQ, APX, ARY, AUQ, BAM,

Beetle 1C, 9C [1998-2010] Engine Codes: AWP, BNU,
Bora 1J [1998-2005] Engine Codes: AGZ, AJM, AQN, AQP, ARL, ASZ, ATD, AUE, AUQ, AUY, ADE,
Caddy 2C [2010-2015] Engine Codes: CFHC, CFHE, CFHF,
EOS 1F [2006-2015] Engine Codes: BMM, BPY, BWA, CAWB, CBAB, CBFA, CCTA, CCZB, CFFA, CFFB,
Golf MK4 [1998-2005] Engine Codes: AGZ, AJM, AQN, AQP, ARL, ASZ, ATD, AUE, AUQ, AUY, BDE,
Golf MK5 [2004-2009] Engine Codes: AXX, AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BPY, BWA, BYD, CBFA, CCTA,
Golf MK7 [2012-2020] Engine Codes: CLHA, CRBC, CRKB, CRLB,
Jetta 1K [2006-2010] Engine Codes: AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BPY, BWA, CBDA, CBDB, CEGA,
Jetta [2010-onward] Engine Codes: CBFA, CCTA, CCZA, CFFB, CJAA, CLCB, CPLA, CPPA,
Polo 9N [2001-2009] Engine Codes: ASZ, BLT,
Passat 365 362 [2010-2015] Engine Codes: CCZB, CDAA, CDAB, CFFA, CFFB, CFGB, CLLA,
Passat CC 357 [2008-2012] Engine Codes: CAWB, CBAA, CBAB, CBAC, CBBB, CCTA, CCZA, CFFA, CFFB,
Scirocco 137 138 [2008-2017] Engine Codes: CAWB, CBBB, CBDB, CCZB, CDLC, CFGB, CFGC, CFHB, CFHC,
Sharan 7M [1995-2010] Engine Codes: ANU, ASZ, ATM, AUY, AWC, AYL, BRT, BTB, BVH, BVK,
Sharan 7N [2010-2016] Engine Codes: CAVA, CFFA, CFFB, CFFE,
Tiguan 5N [2007-2019] Engine Codes: CAVA, CAVD, CAWA, CAWB, CAXA, CCTA, CFFA, CFFB, CFFD, CFGB, CLJA, CTHA, CTHD,
Tiguan AD1 [2016-2020] Engine Codes: CHHB, CRFD, CRGB, CUAA, CYKC, CZCA, CZDA, CZEA, CZPA, DBGC, DFGA, DFGC, DFHA, DGDB, (Gearbox Codes: QXU, QZZ, RAH, RGB, SDZ, STV,)
Touran 1T [2003-2015] Engine Codes: AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, CFHC,

Alhambra 7V [1996-2010] Engine Codes: 1Z, ADY, AFN, AHU, AJH, ANU, ASZ, ATM, AUE, AUY, AWC, AYL, BRT, BTB, BVK,
Alhambra 710 711 [2010-2020] Engine Codes: CAVA, CFFA, CFFB, CFFE,
Altea 5P [2004-2010] Engine Codes: AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BWA, CEGA, CFHC, CFJA,
Altea XL 5P [2004-2015] Engine Codes: AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BWA, CEGA, CFHC, CFJA,
Cordoba 6L [2002-2009] Engine Codes: ASZ,
Ibiza 6L [2001-2009] Engine Codes: ASZ, (Gearbox Codes: QXU, QZZ)
Leon 1M [1999-2006] Engine Codes: AJQ, AMK, APP, ARL, ARY, ASZ, AUE, AUQ, BAM,
Leon 1P [2005-2012] Engine Codes: AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BWA, BWJ, CCZB, CDLA, CDLD, CEGA, CFHC, CFJA, CLCB,
Toledo 1M [1998-2006] Engine Codes: AJQ, APP, ARL, ARY, ASZ, AUQ, BAM,
Toledo 5P [2004-2009] Engine Codes: AZV, BKD, BMM, BMN, BWA, CEGA,

Fabia 6Y [1998-2008] Engine Codes: ASZ, BLT,
Kodiaq NS [2016-2020] Engine Codes: CRGB, CZCA, CZDA, CZEA, CZPA, DBGA, DFGA, DFHA,
Octavia 1U [1998-2010] Engine Codes: ASZ, ATD,
Octavia 1Z [2004-2013] Engine Codes: AZV, BKC, BKD, BMM, BMN, BWA, BXE, CCZA, CEGA, CFHC, CFHF, CLCB