Fuel System Cleaner – Liqui Moly Pro-Line Petrol (500ml) 5153

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Fuel System Cleaner – Liqui Moly Pro-Line Petrol (500ml) 5153

Product Information

The fuel system cleaner removes deposits from the injection valves, intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents them from reforming. Improves engine running and optimises the exhaust gas values. Eliminates start problems and rough engine running. Maintains and protects the entire fuel system from wear, deposits and corrosion. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions. Highly effective combination of cleaning and treatment additives for all petrol injection systems such as K, KE, L-Jetronic and similar systems. 


Suitable for all petrol engines. For adding directly to the fuel tank. Preventative during every inspection, after repairs to the fuel system, for solving problems and after every cleaning. Can contents are sufficient for up to 70 l fuel.



To be added directly into the fuel tank. As a preventive measure, add during each inspection, after repairs on the fuel system and after each Jet-Clean cleaning operation. The product mixes with the fuel automatically.
Contents of can sufficient for max. 70 liters of fuel.

  • Supplied by JGP Automotive – Preston
  • Imported direct from Germany
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  • Same day dispatch on orders before 2pm (Mon-Fri)

Suitable for:
Suitable for all passenger cars with 4-stroke gasoline engines.

About Liqui Moly
Liqui Moly is second to none when it comes to premium oils and additives. As a VW Audi / BMW parts specialist JGP recommend Liqui Moly as the only viable choice when it comes to internal engine care.


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