Exhaust Pipe Downpipe DPF Connecting Gasket – VW Amorok Crafter T6 – 2H0253115

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Exhaust Pipe Downpipe DPF Connecting Gasket – VW Amorok T6 Crafter – 2.0 / 3.0 Diesel – 2H0253115

This exhaust gasket is used as the connector direct from the turbocharger to the DPF section exhaust. This is a direct replacement for the original OE gasket with part number 2H0253115. Please match this part number with your original gasket for a guaranteed fit.

Fitting Position: Behind Turbo, Engine Side, In front of CAT.
Outer Diameter: 94.5mm
Inner Diameter: 78mm
Thickness: 0.3mm
Material: Stainless Steel

Will fit a range of diesel engines found across the VW range from 2009 onward. Please double check your part number against the one provided for a guaranteed fit. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle chassis number. Compatibilities are a guide only.

  • Brand: Topran Hans Pries – Germany
  • 12 month warranty as standard
  • Free 1st class postage
  • Same day dispatch on orders before 2pm (Mon-Fri)

Found in the following: (Please take care when following this compatibility. If you need to find out the engine code we can do this for you)

Amarok 2H [2009-onward] Engine Codes: CDCA, CNEA, CSHA, DDXA, DDXB, DDXC, DDXD, DDXE,
Crafter 2E 2F [2006-2016] Engine Codes: CKUB, CKUC, CSNA,
Crafter SZ SY SX SC [2016-2020] Engine Codes: DAUA, DAUB, DAVA, DMZB, DAUA, DAUB, DAVA, DMZB,
Transporter T6 [2015-2020] Engine Codes: CXEB, CXEC, CXGA, CXGB, CXGD, CXHA, CXHB, CXHC, DMZA, DNAA, DNAB, DNAC,

Engine Code Guide:
2.0 Diesel [84BHP 62KW] Engine Code(s): CXGA,
2.0 Diesel [90BHP 66KW] Engine Code(s): CXGD, DNAC,
2.0 Diesel [102BHP 75KW] Engine Code(s): CXGB, DAUB,
2.0 Diesel [110BHP 81KW] Engine Code(s): CXHC, DNAB,
2.0 Diesel [114BHP 84KW] Engine Code(s): CXHB,
2.0 Diesel [140BHP 103KW] Engine Code(s): DAUA,
2.0 Diesel [143BHP 105KW] Engine Code(s): CKUC,
2.0 Diesel [150BHP 110KW] Engine Code(s): CXFA, CXHA, DNAA,
2.0 Diesel [163BHP 120KW] Engine Code(s): CDCA, CKUB, CSNA,
2.0 Diesel [177BHP 130KW] Engine Code(s): DAVA, DMZB,
2.0 Diesel [179BHP 132KW] Engine Code(s): CNEA, CSHA,
2.0 Diesel [199BHP 146KW] Engine Code(s): CXEC,
2.0 Diesel [204BHP 150KW] Engine Code(s): CXEB, DMZA,

3.0 Diesel [163BHP 120KW] Engine Code(s): DDXA,
3.0 Diesel [204BHP 150KW] Engine Code(s): DDXB,
3.0 Diesel [224BHP 165KW] Engine Code(s): DDXC, DDXD,
3.0 Diesel [258BHP 190KW] Engine Code(s): DDXE,



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