Engine Bay Cleaner Compartment Decontaminant – Liqui Moly – 400ml 

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Liqui Moly

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Engine Bay Cleaner Compartment Decontaminant – Liqui Moly – 400ml 

Product Information
Special engine bay cleaner and engine compartment decontaminant. Its selected combination of active agents including washing and cleaning agent additives dissolves oil and grease residues easily as it does tar, brake dust and other contaminants.

Key information
Aerosol can size: 400ml
Can be used without having to disassemble parts

  • Brand: Liqui Moly – Germany
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– releases dirt, oil and grease residues
– does not attack plastics, rubber and paints
– fast acting
– removes preservatives
– high washing and cleaning efficiency

Technical data
Form – liquid, aerosol
Color / appearance  – colourless
Base – surfactants and solvents
Propellant – propane, butane
Odor – characteristic

About Liqui Moly
Liqui Moly is second to none when it comes to premium oils additives and car care. As a VW Audi / BMW parts specialist JGP recommend Liqui Moly as the only viable choice when it comes to car care. Liqui Moly are now the No1 brand oil & lubricant supplier in Germany, out selling even Castrol with 61% of the market.

To find out more about Liqui Moly and their Engine Compartment Cleaner, you can visit Liqui Moly’s official website by clicking here.