BMW E46 E60 E90 E91 – Petrol Engine Oil Filler Cap – 11127500568

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BMW E46 E60 E90 E91 – Petrol Engine Oil Filler Cap – 11127500568

This engine oil filler cap is a direct replacement for the original OE cap with part number 11127500568. Found on a variety of petrol engines introduced to vehicles from approximately 1997 to 2012 across a selection of BMW models listed below.

This cap is interchangeable with the following part numbers:

Please see the fitment guide below. Compatibilities are a guide only. Please match the part numbers given for each part for a guaranteed fit. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number.

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1 Series E81 [2006 — 2011]
116i – N45N [116BHP 85KW] Capacity: 1.6L
130i [265BHP 195KW] Capacity: 3.0L

1 Series E87 [2003 — 2007]
116i – N45N [116BHP 85KW] Capacity: 1.6L
120i [150BHP 110KW] Capacity: 2.0L
130i [265BHP 195KW] Capacity: 3.0L

3 Series E46 [1997 — 2006] Convertible, Coupe, Saloon, Compact, Touring,
316tiN40, 316tiN45, 316CiN40, 316CiN45, [116BHP 85KW] Capacity: 1.6L
316tiN42, 316tiN46, [116BHP 85KW] Capacity: 1.8L
318CiN42, [136BHP 100KW] Capacity: 2.0L
318tiN42, 318tiN46, 318CiN42 [143BHP 105KW] Capacity: 2.0L
318CiN46, [150BHP 105KW] Capacity: 2.0L

3 Series E90 E91 [2004 — 2012]
316iN45 [116BHP 85KW] Capacity: 1.6L
318iN46 [129BHP 95KW] Capacity: 2.0L
320iN46, [150BHP 105KW] Capacity: 2.0L
323iN52, [177BHP 130KW] Capacity: 2.5L
325iN52, 325xiN52, [211BHP 155KW] Capacity: 2.5L
330iN52, 330xiN52, [258BHP 190KW] Capacity: 3.0L

5 Series E60 E61 [2001 — 2010]
523i, [177BHP 130KW] Capacity: 2.5L
525iN52, 525xi, [218BHP 160KW] Capacity: 2.5L
530iN52, 530xi, [258BHP 190KW] Capacity: 3.0L

6 Series E63 E64 [2002 — 2010]
630iN52, [258BHP 190KW] Capacity: 3.0L

7 Series E65 E66 [2000 — 2008]
730/LiN52, [258BHP 190KW] Capacity: 3.0L

X3 E83 [2003 — 2010]
X3-2.0i [150BHP 110KW] Capacity: 2.0L

Z4 E85 E86 [2002 — 2008]
Z4-2.0i [150BHP 110KW] Capacity: 2.0L
Z4-2.5iN52 [177BHP 130KW] Capacity: 2.5L
Z4-2.5si [218BHP 160KW] Capacity: 2.5L
Z4-3.0si [265BHP 195KW] Capacity: 3.0L