Automatic Gearbox Oil Liqui Moly – Top Tec ATF 1800 (5ltr)

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Automatic Gearbox Oil Liqui Moly – Top Tec ATF 1800 (5ltr) 20662

This specially formulated low-viscosity and high-performance oil of the Liqui Moly ‘new generation’ for automatic transmissions. It is based on synthesis technology with modern, high-performance additives found in many Liqui Moly products. Aside from excellent ageing and oxidation stability, optimal shifting is guaranteed under all operating conditions thanks to the extremely high viscosity index. It enables long oil change intervals.
This automatic gaerbox oil is perfect for various manufacturers such as Aisin Warner, ZF etc., which are installed in vehicles of Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW, Volvo etc. Meets further manufacturer requirements.
Liqui Moly Top Tec ATF Automatic Gearbox Oil is a Premium product oil which is the top selling Brand in Germany. At JGP Automotive we believe there is not a product on the market better and sure you will be happy with the performance of this oil for your application.
The specifications and instructions from the assembly or vehicle manufacturer must be followed! Optimum effectiveness is only possible when the product is used unmixed.


Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV


LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles with the following specifications

Aisin Warner AW-1, BMW 83 22 0 142 516, BMW 83 22 2 152 426, BMW 83 22 2 289 720, BMW 83 22 2 305 396, BMW 83 22 2 305 397, BMW 83 22 2 355 599, BMW M-1375.4, Fiat 9.55550-AV5, Honda ATF 3.1, Honda ATF DW-1, Hyundai SP-IV, Hyundai SP-IV-RR, Isuzu ATF WSI, JASO 1A-LV, JWS 3324 (Aisin Warner), Land Rover TYK 500050, Mazda ATF FZ, MB 236.12, MB 236.14, Mitsubishi Dia Queen ATF-MA1, Mitsubishi Dia Queen ATF-PA, Nissan AT-Matic S Fluid, Nissan Matic P, Toyota WS, VW G 055 005, VW G 055 162, VW G 055 540, VW G 060 162

To find out more about this product, why not vist the official Liqui Moly website by clicking here.

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