7 Speed DSG Auto Gearbox Oil & Filter Service Kit VW Audi Seat Skoda 75W (GL-4)

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7 Speed DSG Service Kit Oil & Filter – Auto Gearbox – 75W (GL-4)

Regular servicing of modern automatic transmissions is often overlooked. Regular servicing helps to prevent premature wear and increases gear selection smoothness making your drive more enjoyable and giving you peace of mind as DSG gearbox repairs or replacements can be very costly.

This 7 Speed DSG service kit is supplied by Febi Bilstein and is manufactured and certified in Germany. The kit consists of 6L of transmission oil, filter and replacement sump plug. As a complete service kit, this is all you need to complete the service on your DSG Automatic gearbox.

  • Brand: Febi Bilstein – Germany
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Kit contents:
6X 1L Oil canisters
1X Oil Filter
1X Oil filter O-Ring
1X Oil sump plug
2X Sealing rings

Suitable for:

This kit is suitable for some applications using a 7 speed DSG automatic transmission.

The oil supplied is a 75W (GL-4). This oil is a premium high viscosity oil designed to achieve maximum fuel saving potential. Please be aware that not all transmissions use the same oil!

Please note that not all transmissions will use the full 6L that are supplied with this kit. You MUST check the manufacturers guidelines specifically supplied for your vehicle before installation.

If you are unsure about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle registration or chassis number.

Detailed information:

OE Reference Numbers:
Oil: G052171A2, G055512A2, G052527A2, G052171A6
Filter: 0GC325183A, 0GC325183,
Sump Plug & Washer: N91084501, N90215404

Filter Type: filter insert
Length: 137 mm
Inner Diameter: 18 mm
Outer Diameter: 58 mm
Oil applications:

API GL-4 • MB 235.17
VW G 055 512
VW TL 521 71 (G 052 171 A1/A2)
VW TL 521 78 (G 052 178 A2)
VW TL 525 12 (G 052 512 A2)
VW TL 525 27 (G 052 527 A2)
VW TL 726 (G 052 726 A2/G 055 726 A2/G 060 726 A2/G 070 726 A2)

Sump Plug:
Fastening Type: internal hex
Length: 17 mm
Length under Head: 13 mm
Material: steel
Outer Diameter: 29 mm
Outside Thread: M24 x 1,5
Thread Length: 13 mm
Wrench Size (metric): 14 mm


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