5 Pin MAF Connector Plug Socket Wiring 1J0973775A – 1.9 TDI Audi VW Seat Skoda

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5 Pin MAF Connector Plug Socket Wiring 1J0973775A – 1.9 TDI Audi VW Seat Skoda

This 5 pin plug is found on a large number of Volkswagen Audi group models with the 1.9 TDI diesel engine for engine codes listed below. This socket is supplied with 150mm of pre-assembled wire and can be used to splice into and existing loom or can be unpicked to connect in place of the original connector if needed.

We have provided a fitment list below however it is is always best practice to match the part number from your old unit to the OE number provided for a guaranteed fit. If you are unsure please ask about fitment to your vehicle by providing your vehicle registration or chassis / VIN number.

Type: Female
Shape: D
Number of Pins: 5
Wire Length: 150mm
Plug Body Width: 35mm
Plug Body Height: 15mm

This unit replaces OE part number 1J0973775A.

Package contents: 1x connector with 150mm of wiring loom

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For engine codes:

1.9 TDI [116HP-85KW] BVK
1.9 TDI [102HP-75KW] BRS
1.9 TDI [101HP-74KW] AVQ, BMT, AXR, ATD, BEW
1.9 TDI [90HP-66KW] BXJ ,BXF, BRU
1.9 TDI [86HP-63KW] AXC
1.9 TDI [84HP-62KW] BRR



A3 8P [2003-2013] BKC, BLS, BXE
A3 8L [1996-2003] ATD, AXR
A4 8E [2000-2004] AVB


Alhambra 7V [1996-2010] BVK
Altea 5P [2004-2015] BJB, BKC, BLS, BXE, BXF
Cordoba 6L [2002-2009] ATD, AXR, BMT
Ibiza 6L [2001-2009] ATD, AXR, BMT
Leon 1M 1P [1999-2012] AXR, BKC, BLS, BXE, BXF
Toledo 1M 5P [1998-2009] AXR, BJB, BKC, BLS, BXE


Fabia 6Y 542 545 [1999-2014] BLS, BSW, ATD, AXR
Octavia 1U 1Z [1996-2013] BJB, BKC, BLS, BXE, ATD, AXR, BJB
Roomster 5J [2006-2015] AXR, BLS, BSW, AXR
Superb [2008-2015] BLS, BXE


Beetle 1Y 1C 9C [1998-2010] AXR, BSW, ATD, BEW
Bora 1J [1998-2005] ATD, AXR
Caddy 2K [2004-2010] BJB, BLS, BSU,
Golf Plus 5M [2005-2009] BKC, BLS, BRU, BXE, BXF, BXJ
Golf 1J (MK4) 1K (MK5) [1998-2009] ATD, AXR, BKC, BLS, BRU, BXE, BXF
Jetta 1K [2005-2010] BKC, BXE, BLS
Passat 3C [2005-2010] BKC, BXE, BLS
Polo 9N [2001-2009] ATD, AXR, BMT
Sharan 7M [2005-2010] BVK
Transporter T5 [2003-2009] AXB, AXC, BRR, BRS
Touran 1T [2003-2010] AVQ, BKC, BLS, BRU, BXE, BXF, BXJ