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ECU Control Unit Relay 30 - KRACKER - 12V - VW Audi Seat - 165906381

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ECU Control Unit Relay 30 - KRACKER - 12V - VW Audi Seat - 165906381

This ECU relay will replace the original relay with number 30 and is normally a black colour in position number '3' (sometimes 10) in the fused panel. This relay replaces the part number 165906381 and is found mainly in VW Audi Group models between 1994 and 2005.

Simply match the part number or replace relay number 30 and part number 165906381 for a guaranteed fit. If in any doubt about compatibility to your vehicle feel free to contact us with your vehicle chassis / VIN number.
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Engine Codes:

2.5 Petrol [110BHP - 81KW] AAF, AEU,
2.5 Petrol [116BHP - 85KW] AET, APL,

2.4 Petrol [95BHP - 70KW] 1E,

2.0 Petrol [116BHP - 85KW] 2E, ABK, ADC, ADY, AGG, AKR, AZM,
2.0 Petrol [150BHP - 110KW] ABF,
2.0 Petrol [107BHP - 79KW] AEP,
2.0 Petrol [106BHP - 78KW] ACX,
2.0 Petrol [131BHP - 96KW] ALT,
2.0 Petrol [84BHP - 62KW] AAC,

1.8 Petrol [170BHP - 125KW] AWM,
1.8 Petrol [125BHP - 92KW] AJP, APT, AQE, ARG, ARH,
1.8 Petrol [150BHP - 110KW] AEB, ANB, APU, ARK, AWT,
1.8 Petrol [179BHP - 132KW] AJL,
1.8 Petrol [156BHP - 115KW] AQX, AYP,
1.8 Petrol [90BHP - 66KW] ACC, ADD, ADZ,
1.8 Petrol [129BHP - 95KW] ADL,
1.8 Petrol [160BHP - 118KW] PG,
1.8 Petrol [116BHP - 85KW] AFY,

1.6 Petrol [102BHP - 74KW] ALZ,
1.6 Petrol [101BHP - 74KW] AEH, AFT, AKL, ANA, APF, AUR,
1.6 Petrol [75BHP - 55KW] 1F, AEE, ALM,

1.4 Petrol [60BHP - 44KW] AEX, AKK, AKV, ANW, APQ, AUD,
1.4 Petrol [75BHP - 55KW] APE, AUA,
1.4 Petrol [101BHP - 74KW] AFH, AQQ, AUB,
1.4 Petrol [54BHP - 40KW] ANX,

1.0 Petrol [50BHP - 37KW] AER, ALD, ANV, AUC,
1.0 Petrol [69BHP - 51KW] AST, AVZ,


Caddy 9K [1995-2003]
Golf MK3 1H [1991-1997]
Jetta MK2 [1992-1999]
LT (28) [1975-1995]
Passat 312 3A2 315 3A5 [1988-1996]
Passat 3B [1996-2000]
Polo 6V [1995-2001]
Transporter T4 70 7D [1990-1995]
Vento 1H [1992-1999]

100 4A [1990-1994]
A4 8D [1994-2001]
A6 4B [1998-2005]

Cordoba 6K [1993-2002]
Ibiza 6K [1993-2002]
Toledo 1L [1991-1999]

Part Numbers

Part numbers are the best way to identify a part. This unique series of numbers and letters tells you the type of car it is taken from and what other cars the part will fit. A typical part number taken from a Volkswagen or Audi group vehicle will display a format similar to this: 1K0 959 671 B.

Please match the part number from the item you are replacing with any of our parts for sale to be certain of compatibility. If you are at all unsure or have any questions regarding part fitment, feel free to give us a call on 0800 999 2542.

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